Assessment + Certification

FilmingLifer Assessment and Certificate of Achievement

Available only to members who have completed the FilmingLife® 100 level courses and have been a member for at least 4 months.

When can you Become a FilmingLifer?

Once you've been a FilmingLife® Academy Member for at least 4 months, then you might be ready to test your knowledge and become a FilmingLifer. There is no schedule for when you take this assessment, you can wait for as long as you like or you can start as soon as you reach the end of your fourth month.

What is a filminglifer?

Our goal for the Academy is to create a place where filmmakers can not only learn together and support each other, but where they can also push themselves creatively and technically whilst being recognised once they’ve reached a high level of skill in their craft. We created the FilmingLifer Program to fill this need. A FilmingLifer is a member who demonstrates sound knowledge of filmmaking techniques and professional practice.

FilmingLifer's get:

Reduced membership fee

Access to private group

Certificate of achievement

Badge for your website

Opportunities to be featured

Elegibility to apply for filminglifer pro

About the assessment:

The FilmingLife Academy Core Curriculum Assessment has been created to measure your level of comprehension of the materials covered in the FilmingLife® Academy courses taught by Courtney Holmes. It's comprised of approximately 20, multiple choice or true/false questions. It is a timed assessment, and in order to pass, you must score at least 85 out of 100 points.

You are limited to 3 tries within a 12 month period, so prior to taking the assessment please ensure you have been a member for at least 4 months, and feel ready to complete the assessment. If you are unsuccessful after three tries, you may contact us (use the chat icon in the bottom right corner) to reset your tries after the appropriate period of time has passed.

When you are ready to begin, click the link below to get started. When you pass the assessment, you will see a button that will allow you to download more information and links to gain access to your new benefits.

Are you ready to go pro?

When can you Become a FilmingLifer Pro?

Once you successfully complete the FilmingLife® Academy Assessment, you might be ready to apply for FilmingLifer Pro.

What is a filminglifer Pro ?

FilmingLifer Pro's are an elite group of family filmmakers who strive for a professional level of excellence and exemplify artistry in the films they produce. 

FilmingLifer Pro's get:

leadership opportunities in our network 

opportunities to submit course proposals 

Recognition as an experienced filmmaker

Access to exclusive mastermind calls for pros

Pro badge for your website

access to a private group

About the assessment:

The following areas will be evaluated for each film and scored by at least two reviewers. For each category you will be given a score between 1-5 as explained below:
5 - Advanced
4 - Working Beyond
3 - Capable
2 - Working Towards
1 - Beginner

For each film you will be given a score between 5-25. These scores will be added up to create an average total across your portfolio. You must receive an average of 100 total points out of 125 to receive FilmingLifer Pro status.

Artistic Voice
This category will measure the strength of the artists ability to convey their message or story in their own unique voice.

Creative Storytelling
This category measures the artists ability to create a compelling visual narrative with their edit.

Sound Design
This category measures the artists ability to include ambient audio mixed in with music in a way that is seamless and smooth and adds to the narrative of the film without distracting from it.

Camera Techniques
This category will measure the artists level of consistency and skill with regards to exposure, composition, camera movements and shot selection.

Post Production
This category will measure the artists use of basic editing techniques including basic colour correction and colour grading, as well as timing to the music, emotional impact, and overall video quality.