Filminglife® 301

Portfolio Building Strategies

Once you have a good foundation in place for making films, you might be ready to start working with families! But then you start asking yourself, how do I find families to work with? And when should I start charging? This course will walk you through the steps of setting up strategic portfolio building sessions with our custom 10-step roadmap. Learn how to set-up and run a model call, choose the right families to film, get ideas for building your email marketing list and see how you can put the finished films to good use for marketing & building your profile. This course will give you all the tools you need to set-up & run portfolio building sessions that will help you grow as an artist and get your business on the road to booking clients.

Course contents

Kylie Purtell

Filmmaker, Photographer, Mentor
Kylie Purtell is a wedding & family photographer & filmmaker based in Sydney, Australia. She specialises in creating joyful, bold & creative family films for people that don't like to be photographed. With a passion for creative experiments and a relentless sense of curiosity, Kylie's strengths lie in using creative techniques & colour to capture a family's unique story in a way that's both visually stunning and emotionally charged. Kylie's work with the FilmingLife® Academy and as a mentor for new & emerging artists allows her the opportunity to do one of her favourite things - support & encourage new filmmakers to reach their highest potential in both art & business. 

Reviews from our members 

Although I’m not experienced with video - I have had my photography business for 4 years now and thought I was pretty across portfolio building strategies - so I was really pleasantly surprised that I was able to take so much away from this course ! So many things I hadn’t thought of before and it has given me some really clear strategies moving forward to go into film portfolio sessions with a confident approach ! Feeling very inspired - thank you Kylie !!
Jess Worrall
The details about setting up an email list and running a giveaway was great!
I am just starting to build my portfolio, so all this info has been so helpful. I'm going to go figure out the model release and contract and look into client management software.
Sarah MacClary