FilmingLife® 102

Video Editing Fundamentals

Does the process of editing video feel overwhelming? This course will teach you everything you need to know about editing video in Premiere Pro, and creating meaningful, story-driven films that you feel proud of.

Courtney holmes

Filmmaker, Photographer, Speaker
Founder of the FilmingLife Academy, Courtney Holmes, is an American born Sydney-sider who’s passion is to create beautiful, love soaked films and photos for families. Courtney draws on 18+ years of experience as a storyteller and musician to create a nostalgic experience for her clients in her work through the use of carefully hand selected music and thoughtful, intentional storytelling. Through her class on CreativeLive and the FilmingLife® Academy, Courtney has taught filmmaking to thousands of photographers worldwide and as a result more and more photographers are starting to incorporate video into their family photography businesses.

Course reviews from members 

It was incredibly thorough and detailed, every time I was confused by something or had a question, Courtney always addressed it at some point later in the video! It's definitely left me feeling inspired to edit some footage I recently took but felt too overwhelmed to start. I particularly liked how you walked us through mapping out the story to the song, and adding the markers and just the general organisation of the footage - because when I took my footage, I had NO idea if I was getting focus, i ended up with SO many clips and so i've felt a bit overhwelmed at the prospect of assembling it all - so this has definitely made it feel much more doable.
Jess Worrall
I joined for a month or two at the first of the year and have come back now. I love that I can still go over the basic lessons and learn more after experiencing making films for a few months. There were things I missed or forgot. Also new content is available! I love the blend of video tutorials you can rewind and watch over and over. I have had to do this in some places to catch something I didn't understand.
Mary Anne Webley
Everything! Such an amazing course; I took this course for a second time after the Academy courses had been revamped in 2020, and the extra tips sprinkled throughout were awesome. The tip about creating a culling sequence of all your clips before you start assembling your film was GENIUS, not to mention the tip about keyboard shortcuts for labelling the and organizing the clips for audio, b-roll, etc. I also really loved the bonus material on how to add light leaks, glass effects, and speed ramping (I had been wondering for a while the easiest way to speed up/slow down footage to create the effect I had seen in some very creative films lately in the Academy). Thank you for being such an amazing resource for continued learning about filmmaking; you guys are the best!
Candice tkachuk