filminglife® 103

Color grading Fundamentals

Do you feel overwhelmed by color grading your films? This course will teach you the fundamentals of Color Grading, from getting color right in camera, to correcting and adjusting color, and choosing the right "look" for your film.
Created by

Courtney Holmes

Founder of the FilmingLife® Academy, Courtney Holmes, is an American born Sydney-sider who’s passion is to create beautiful, love soaked films and photos for families. Courtney draws on 18+ years of experience as a storyteller and musician to create a nostalgic experience for her clients in her work through the use of carefully hand selected music and thoughtful, intentional storytelling. Through her class on CreativeLive and the FilmingLife® Academy, Courtney has taught filmmaking to thousands of photographers worldwide and as a result more and more photographers are starting to incorporate video into their family photography businesses.