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Exploring Filmmaking Workbook

A four week, downloadable workbook in PDF format designed to strengthen and improve your skills as a filmmaker.

Course contents

Courtney Holmes

Filmmaker, Photographer, Speaker
Founder of the FilmingLife® Academy, Courtney Holmes, is an American born Sydney-sider who’s passion is to create beautiful, love soaked films and photos for families. Courtney draws on 18+ years of experience as a storyteller and musician to create a nostalgic experience for her clients in her work through the use of carefully hand selected music and thoughtful, intentional storytelling. Through her class on CreativeLive and the FilmingLife® Academy, Courtney has taught filmmaking to thousands of photographers worldwide and as a result more and more photographers are starting to incorporate video into their family photography businesses.

Course reviews from members 

It was a great summary about the basics; reminded me of a few things I had forgotten, and really helped me to better understand non-literal storytelling.
This workbook saved me making lots of mistakes as a beginner!
Emily Brown
This workbook has answered so many of the small questions I had and taught me things I didn't know about yet. So helpful!
Victoria Dunham