FilmingLife® 104

Sound Design for Family Films

A 100 level course for filmmakers looking to learn the important elements of sound design & music and how these impact the edit of a film. Discover Allison's approach to capturing the best audio, quickly finding the perfect song, mixing sound, and learn her music-centered editing workflow.

Allison Redmon

Saudi Arabia & USA 
From an early age, she loved music and pursued both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Music Education, meeting her husband along the way in University Band Class and later becoming a high school Band Director for over seven years. She and her husband, Andrew, have been married 15 years and together have a 6 year old daughter and a set of girl/boy 4 year old twins who keep her rather busy. Allison's approach to her films and photography is one grounded in a storytelling-documentary style. She excels at creating work that is both artistically beautiful while grounded in honest, real moments. Her extensive background as a upper level music teacher has naturally led her to teach the art of using music in films with her colleague, Courtney Holmes at the FilmingLife Academy & on the FilmingLife Academy Podcast, and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with other photographers & film makers in hopes that they can create stories of their own.

Course reviews from members 

Wow I am so blown away. I was so drawn to this course as the music side of films excites me so much and Allison did not disappoint. What I also loved was seeing Allison's process and I actually learnt so much about storytelling watching her work. By far my favourite section was the live editing of scenes, the problem solving was insanely useful. When we see so much of a creatives end result sometimes you forget what it takes to get there. Thank you!
Sophie marsh
The structure - it was easy to follow without getting overwhelmed by the amount of information - which is another thing I loved: so much information and tips! I also thought the behind the scenes videos were extremely helpful. I have only edited one film since this class and I have already made changes in my whole edit process. Looking forward to the next months in the academy and seeing my progress at the end of my first year filming this summer!
Helene Stype
This class helped me understand many things that I was already doing intuitively but didn't really understand why (and was often making mistakes as a result of that). It was almost like it helped me move the techniques from the artistic part of my brain through to the technical part so that I could trust my instincts, but also understand why something wasn't working. I just can't say enough about it--it was a total eye-opener for me. The walk-throughs of the editing were priceless--I was just blown away by how much I learned.
Kelli hendrix